Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Affair pg 4

No.32-Summer Songs
7” X 5” X 1 ¾”

Mixed media on painting board. © 2011

Sign/Symbol 9 1/2" X 10 1/2" X 3"

Hand formed whiteware bowl with added foot and pinched rim. Sgraffito drawing through grey green base. Signs/symbols painted in multiple colors. Clear glazed. Food safe. © 2004

No.70-Jade Horse 7” X 5” X 1 ¾”

Mixed media on painting board. © 2011

Vijay reading Agni and Usha his work from River of Light


Are you not weary of being just plain human?
With irritating limitations of body and mind
Pestilence, ignorance and indifference unkind
Not to mention the finitude of space and time

Let us be the god and the goddess we once were
Before we chose to play this sorry play of humans
By the scenery most spectacular, we got smitten, not realizing
That the plot lacked imagination and the script was poorly written

Let us, yet again, god and goddess be, you be
Usha the goddess of dawn, the mistress of light
And I be Agni, the god of fire, the lord of heat
Of course, even though of different wavelengths,
In our essence we are the same; just for the play,
We pretend to be different, take on separate names

Just let me know, by what river, on what mountain
You wish us to meet; there will I fly in just a moment
We will re-enact our union, so ancient but still so very sweet

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