Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Story of Ingrid the Bowl

This is in response to a discussion about copper being included in some mine tailings and what might possibly happen if included in a pot. I have never had access to mine tailings. But I did at one time have access to "jewelers tailings." Another source for such leftovers might be tile places where they cut slabs for counter tops, etc. Sometimes they cut something other than granite or marble. Check around. You never know what's out there! And most people are quite glad to give their "waste" to some crazy potter/artist than to have to pay to have it hauled away. This is true of woodworkers and even some farmers - if their cows or horses eat grass.

This is the only pot I have left from the few that included leftovers from my gem cutting friend. He had given me shards and dust leftover from cutting turquoise and Lapis Lazuli.
This one has Lapis Lazuli inclusions along with colored (cobalt oxide) porcelain shards from a failed firing in a cone 6 porcelain matrix. It has been under-fired about one cone. At the time I didn't want the very dramatic holes and runs I had gotten with the turquoise. And I wanted a closer blend of color between the Lapis and colored porcelain inclusions. It has a clear glaze containing just a bit of a lead frit. You should be able to make out some of the runs and partial voids left behind from the Lapis melting. It was fired on its rim, so the Lapis shards seem to run up-in defiance of gravity. Lapis has no copper component, but other stones which could be used in the same way that do contain copper are Chrysocolla, Malachite and of course Turquoise.

I have not tried this sort of thing in a reduction atmosphere, or at higher than a cone 6 firing. (There wasn't enough of the stuff for all of that.) This was the result of firing in an electric kiln and oxygen atmosphere.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Officially in stores!

My Husband's poetry book, "Light in the Morning," is now being offered at Morris Bookshop! Go check it out!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

the vast world of sponges

This is what I have been up to. The sponges take quite a while to make-a couple of hours to two days to cut-but they are well worth the design and they will last me several uses. I'll be finishing up with these in the next few days and then I will be off into the wilds of Minnesota for two weeks.
Full steam ahead!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gallery Hop and studio progress!

Well, the Gallery Hop was a success! I have never been to a more fun opening! My husband, Vijay, read poetry from his recently published poetry book and we all enjoyed the company of neighbors, friends, and new acquaintances!

Below are images of my work in the Butterfly Zone at the Heritage Center.

My husband loves to entertain

And of course, Mr. Brooks, the owner and entertainer! And my husband during his reading.

It's raining in Kentucky today and I've been working on my stencil designs.

I'll be updating you soon!

All the best,
Carolyn Singh

Singles and Sets of cards!

I am now offering cards! They are reproduced from my original artwork. I am offering sets of 4 and 8 as well as the opportunity to buy individual cards on Etsy.

All my greeting cards are blank inside and each measures 4.25" x 5.7" and require a single first class stamp. The back of the cards list the details of the original painting. All cards are printed using standard offset lithography and lithographic inks on regular card stock. Cards meet industry standards for cards but are not archival as original art.
Envelopes are included.

©2010 Carolyn Singh

Hope you like them!

All the Best,
Carolyn Singh

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In the Studio

I've been working on more pots!! Here's where I'm at, Enjoy!!

Don't forget to check out Lexington's Downtown Gallery Hop on the 18th! Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My loyal suppliers and good friends at King's Ransom sent me these divine pearls for me to pick over. Unfortunately, they are so rare and so expensive that it would put them out of reach of most of my buyers. But I'm still dreaming about them.

If you are interested in any of these pearls contact me at carolynsingh@hotmail.com and we'll talk

Friday, May 21, 2010


These are selected short poems from my husband Vijay's book, Light in the Morning.

rising in arc over the horizon, the sun lit the field
like the sea in tide, it spread at lightning speed
as it had once done in my native land, so far away
seventy seven million years yet seems like yesterday
part of you yearns to go to days past, other part wants to stay
there is no choice; the goddess of adventure has you in her sway
besides, you can never return to where you started, they all say
so, time to shake these sweet remembrances, best be on my way


never was there a need to fight the cosmic current
so embrace the time, this jewel, the present moment
look at the light now, so luminous, ubiquitous
let it free you, fly you into space infinite, continuous


by the river, the other day
i sat to meditate and pray
focussed solely on the flow
suddenly i was carried away
there was just sweet movement
all moved yet all seemed to stay
completeness in harmony all around
nothing left to do, nothing left to say


is it the wind
that dances the eagle
or is it the eagle
that dances the wind
round and round they go
in circles large and small
in the precious ecstasy of just being
for a long while, time come to a stall


mountain hugged by river
round the neck at gooseneck
four hundred million years
creek in the hills
roaring down the catwalk
seventy million years
our father made these
and bid our hearts
pump one hundred years
did the creator
play a joke
or did we fail
to know time


If N be the number of ecstatic events in a lifetime and In be the intensity
of ecstasy in the nth ecstatic event, which lasted for Tn seconds, then
a Lifetime Ecstasy Figure of Merit (LEFoM) can be defined as the
summation of N products, each product being equal to [In xTn ]. Higher
the LEFoM, more joyful, blissful and more valuable the life ; probably,
also more meaningful, if there really is a meaning or purpose apart from
the play itself.
In is a measure of the harmony with the surrounding reality, reality of
the body and mind, of the air that breathes, breeze against one’s face,
the music, the sounds, light of the day. It is the opposite of “Vikalpas”,
which are thought-constructs that continually churn in the mind, keeping
us from living fully in the present.
Note that if just ONE In is so large that it tends to infinity, then a very
large LEFoM is obtained even if Tn is a fraction of a second and N is
only 1. Thus it is that the quality (intensity) of time trumps the quantity
of time.

If you are interested in more of his poetry there are examples on www.xlibris.com, it can also be purchased through xlibris.com as well as www.barnesandnoble.com and www.amazon.com or call 1-888-795-4274

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the Moment

I've got a lot of projects going. I've started a pot, I'm working on a painting. Here's the progress I've made:

this piece is currently untitled

here I am refining the edge of the pot

closer view of the pot

here I am mixing the color that will "paint" the surface of the pot

making a readable space for the signature

cleaning up the intersect between the added rim and the textured body

Some color added to the surface and left to dry. The end of one work session for that pot. It looks a little mush, but don't give up hope, it will change as it dries.

Ingo training to guard my door for me, so I am not disturbed while working. He's training really hard.

Connie Dillman

My good friend Connie Dillman is a wonderful water-colorist based in El, Paso Texas. Her work was recently published in a book entitled, "Yes, We Are Still Dancing,"which combines poetry and art. More on this project can be found at Elpasotimes.com.

View more of her work on facebook or on her personal website

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My husband has recently been published! His book, Light in the Morning: A Collectioin of Poems on Loving, Living and Being will be sold at www.xlibris.com, www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble, and at local bookstores.
To order by phone call 1-888-795-4274 ext. 7876

Etsy listings

I have listed 4 new pendants that are my most affordable pearls yet! Check them out at LusterWear and hurry! before they're all gone!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So the cards are now posted and available on Etsy.com. Also, I've been featured! Take a look by clicking here!


-Carolyn Singh

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cards, Finally

We finally have some cards done and they are up on Laudable Mud Studio. We will get them up on Etsy as soon as we get a chance! Enjoy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A collection of thoughts

I have finished these two after the opening and decided to share them with you. After tax season I am going back to working on BIG pictures. I have been invited back to the Gallery Hop for the June show and I will be submitting work to that, hopefully ten pieces! We were able to get a sufficient amount of space.

The Big pictures will be continuing my 'storm' theme. I am excited for the results.

Warm and Happy Greetings!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is Coming!

WOW! A ton of things happening! First, my computer is completely useless and refuses to cooperate. So, thankfully I am able to use my assistants laptop to stay connected. The poetry project approached so quickly, I didn't have time to finish the painting. BUT! I did pull a piece together with some smaller pieces I had been working on and combining them in one piece. Here's a shot of the six individual pieces and to the right the finished piece before framing:

Here is the piece in the gallery. Didn't the frame turn out great?! Thanks to The Great Frame Up. Please pardon the tilt and the glowing bulb on the left photo.

The Gallery Hop on the 19th was spectacular!! Here's a preview:

Mr. Brooks, who works at the Heritage Center and heads the Sisohpromatem Foundation has asked me to have a potential exhibit in the gallery later on in the year. I am currently gathering up a portfolio with my resume and bio and slides, it's a lot of work! But good things to come!