Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is Coming!

WOW! A ton of things happening! First, my computer is completely useless and refuses to cooperate. So, thankfully I am able to use my assistants laptop to stay connected. The poetry project approached so quickly, I didn't have time to finish the painting. BUT! I did pull a piece together with some smaller pieces I had been working on and combining them in one piece. Here's a shot of the six individual pieces and to the right the finished piece before framing:

Here is the piece in the gallery. Didn't the frame turn out great?! Thanks to The Great Frame Up. Please pardon the tilt and the glowing bulb on the left photo.

The Gallery Hop on the 19th was spectacular!! Here's a preview:

Mr. Brooks, who works at the Heritage Center and heads the Sisohpromatem Foundation has asked me to have a potential exhibit in the gallery later on in the year. I am currently gathering up a portfolio with my resume and bio and slides, it's a lot of work! But good things to come!

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